Club Member - In Memoriam

Bob Elliott

For many decades, the Elliotts were at the heart of the New York magic scene. They helped run Tannen’s Magic Camp. They booked lecture tours, gave food and shelter to the rising stars of Magic, and never asked for a penny in return. You see, they already had day jobs, Bob working as a Mining Engineer and Happy working as a Stock Broker. Bob was a teacher at the Harry Lorayne Memory School as well as at the “School for Magicians”.

Eventually they retired and moved to the West Coast. Their children grew up and prospered. Now the Elliotts live in a beautiful home on a hill, with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. When they relocated to Oceanside, California, they continued their sharing ways.

Bob passed away December 7, 2010 – He was in a hospital bed, under hospice care with Alzheimer disease in his own home, and surrounded by family.

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