About The Club

A long, long, long, time ago . . . 

In a Magic Shop,


 far, far, far away . . .

A small band of magical warriors gathered together, determined to create something magical and wonderful. They wanted to be different. They wanted to be noticed. They wanted to be respected. They wanted the other magical communities to stand up and take notice. They wanted to prove, even though they could be a rebellious bunch at times, that they could add something to the ever growing bands of magical communities throughout this Magical, Mystifying, and Wonderful world of ours.

And, so it began . . .

Okay, that’s a little on the dramatic side, but it sure sounded good. Anyway, back to our story.

It was only four and a half years that the thought of creating a local I.B.M. Ring came up in Happy Valley. The owners of the local magic shop in State College, along with a few devoted patrons of the shop, decided there were enough loyal magic enthusiast, to start the club.

But, what name should the club have? Central Pennsylvania Magic Club? No, too long. Central PA Magic Club? No, too generic. State College Magic Club? No, too specific. How about some old, dead, well known, magicians name? No, almost all the other rings did that. We wanted to be different. Why not chose someone who is alive, well known in the magic community, knows a ton of magicians, would represent what a magic club should be.

The name Bob Elliott was suggested. Bob had been associated with the Magic Shop since it opened and seemed to fit every aspect of what the club was looking for.

Bob was an outstanding magician/lecturer/creator from the New York area, who has had an incredible impact on the magic world. Aside from creating some of magic’s most commercial sleights and routines, Bob was presented with the “Louie Award” in 1999 for his longtime service and dedication to the art of magic.

Since 1981 Bob had been the Co-Director of Tannen’s Annual Magic Camp, where his teaching abilities had been put to the test! One of the greatest reflections on the quality of Bob’s magic is the fact that Bob was the featured magician at one of David Copperfield’s Birthday Parties!

And so, in the early part of 2003, the Bob Elliott Ring #352 was born. Officers were nominated and elected (see Officers/Members), and the East Coast Magic Shop (The Magic Shop with Attitude) was selected to be our official club house.